Raisins and dates are a pleasant delight. We at Mahdavieh Import Export make it our business to bring this incredible taste to the rest of the world.

The Mahdavieh brothers started our dried fruit business over 50 years. Mahdavieh Import Export Corp. (MIEC) remains, to this day, a family business dedicated to quality and fairness. Through the many industrial, economic, and political changes in the world, MEC has been successful in holding firm to its high standards. Our customers in Europe have stayed with us through these years precisely because we have evolved in order to meet their changing needs, while maintaining these high standards. In Europe, MEC has an established reputation for quality, consistent supply, competitive prices, and commitment to customers. We have now expanded our exports to include North America and Australia. Our products are affordably priced and meet the standards of the European, North American, and Australian markets.

MEC products are processed in the heart of agricultural regions. Both the production facilities and the export company are owned and operated by MIEC, allowing MIEC to maintain strict control over both quality and pricing. All production, export, and sales are under the direct supervision and management of the partners, who now include two generations of family members. This excellent business team combines the experience of the elders with the modern skills of the younger generation.